Tuesday 14 June 2011

My 5 Makeup Must Haves

My 5 Makeup must haves.. Oh wow this is hard! I think I'll do 4 Face products.. and something else to switch it up :)

1. MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation - A setting powder and foundation in one. If used with foundation, it gives that extra coverage, if not used its still a foundation! After applying your makeup give a swipe of this with the puff sponge supplied, which I'm not really a fan off, I really think brushes are more easier and hygienic, plus the price works out alot better, seeing as you have to get a new sponge ever two weeks. I do love MAC Studio Fix Fluid though but just as a quick the powder is excellent as its a setting powder too, I would only rarely wear it on its own though.

2. MAC Powder Blush in Dollymix - such a beautiful blush, changes a look completely. I do love MAC Surf, Baby! Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder in Lush-Light Bronze, it is great too, even with this blush or not, and the design, LOVE! MACMACMACMACMACMAC!!

3. MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe - such an amazing frost Taupe eyeshadow colour, goes with Woodwinked, Sable, All that glitters, Tempting, Brule and even more! I really don't know why it took me so long to find it.

4. Maybelline One by One Mascara - Best Mascara Ever - I loved MAC Plush Lash and was always was faithful, but this Mascara, ohh wow! It's a complete lifesaver :O Doesn't clump at all.

5. Last but not least I'm going to do a.. *drumroll please*.. brush! The MAC 222 Blending Brush, but for a cheaper version the No7 Blending and Contouring Brush or Sigma Blending E25 is the brush for you. It is the best thing anyone can ever buy. Anyone! It is the most essential thing for the perfect smokey eye! 

And there my 5 makeup products I'd bring to an island incaese I'd be stranded. But I'm sure they'd have a drugstore or a MAC counter ;) WOW alot of my products are MAC, nearly all :O What are your 5 makeup must haves :) Please let me know, I'd love to know :)


Thanks, Aislinn

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  1. Hey There! I see you are a new blogger and I must say I love this post, its fun to see what other bloggers' favorite products and must-haves are!
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