Monday 13 June 2011

Celebrity Look - Cheryl Tweedy

I've decided to start a post called Celebrity Look and decided to post pictures that inspire me to like that Celebrity - I've picked Cheryl Tweedy. She is so delicate - The outfit is a black Versace setting her back €2500. She was going to the National TV Awards 2011. It is such a beautiful and elegant dress - She really pulls it off, it is quiet long but with short heels she makes it look so adorable! I love the chunky buttons and the straps are just amazing :O
I have found some alternatives to this number -
for €70 on Lipsy - Candi loves Strapless Dress - This is beautiful but it is quiet short in comparison to Cheryls. 
or (pictured with model) for €40 on ASOS - Shift Dress With Cutout Sides - This is soo beautiful, it is short also but the price is quiet reasonable so it is a good choice :)

But after I found the exact same dress Cheryl wore and it's only.. a fraction of the price.. this fraction being 100th of the price :O €22  - Pixiebo - Cheryl Cole Style NTA Cutout Bandage Black Dress - It is such a bargain and you just can't leave it behind if you saw it in a shop :O

I love Cheryl because she is a real hardcore girl - She's being through alot and is always getting out on top - She's set up a clothing auction for charity -

If you have any idea's for next weeks post of your favorite celebrity, I have a cold at the moment and this is my first but maybe I could show you the pictures of the look of that celebrity I've created if you look :) Comment on if you would like me to recreate the looks fully down to shoes and accessories or just one or two items from the look like a dress or jeans :) And tell me if you want me to recreate it.


Thanks, Aislinn

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