About me

Hey Lovelies :)
I am Aislinn, born and bred in Ireland! I stand quiet small at 5'4".
I have brown hair (originally jet black) and blue eyes! I started this blog on June 13 2011 and to share my love for beauty, makeup, fashion, anything girly, glitzy or pink with anyone who is interested :)
My boyfriend (of nearly 2 years) encouraged me to start blogging, because I'm obsessed with Youtube, blogs and makeup! I really want to be a makeup artist and I am hoping to start a makeup course in September outside of school! I am a MAC Junkie, I am so loyal to it, ye'll cry! So many people influence me, I come from a house full of sporty boys, and some very successful at there sports - One is on a rowing scholarship in US, and one is playing hurling (Irish Sport) on our County hurling team. Both of these lads started at nothing and worked there way up! The people who give me the most influence in the world is my granny and my boyfriend! I love her so much because she was a farmers wife with 7 children, and brought them up to all be successful in there careers, that learned they also had to start from nothing and work there way up. She is 89 years of age who's husband died of alzheimer's disease. They've both always told me to get my dreams, and makeup is my dream, and this is the first step!