Tuesday 2 August 2011

JC Giveaway!! It's seriously HUGE!

I was blown by the generosity on this giveway.. Just WOW!!!!!!
JC does not seem to fail again.
She is one of my favourite bloggers!
I talk to alot on her twitter

First Prize:
(Yes that means more then one will win something)

Left to Right:
Balmbini (FULL SIZE)
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette (FULL SIZE)
Shady Lady Palette (And Again, FULL SIZE)
Urban Decay Transforming Potion
Two Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Left to Right:
Hello Kitty Notebook
Hello Kitty Cosmetics Bag

Left to Right:
Milani L/E Paint Eyeshadow Palette
Rosebud Salve
Three BB Cream DELUXE samples
Make Up For Ever cosmetics bag with:
 Lab Shine Lipgloss
HD Powder
Smoky Lash Mascara
Aqua eyes eyeliner

Left to Right:
Benefit One Prime Day kit:
That Gal Mini
Porefessional Mini
Stay Don't Stray Mini
Benefit Little Looks Good kit:
Dandellion (FULL SIZE)
That Gal Mini
Bad Gal Mascara in DELUXE sample size
Benefit Feeling Cheeky kit:
Posie Tint
High Beam

$25 Gift Card (If you are international don't fret, JC will buy you $25 worth if you win and post it over to you.

Second Prize:

$50 MAC Gift Card (Same applys for international winners)

Third Prize:
Again a $25 MAC Gift Card (Same again, JC will post over your winnings if your outside the US)

It Ends on September 1.
 You can have up MORE then 10 extra entries!!


Monday 25 July 2011

Best Blog Award

Two weeks ago Lisahh-Jayne gave me a best blog award! I'm so happy. It was really weird, she tweeted that she got an award, and I decided I'd read it and I was getting near the end and I turned to my boyfriend and said 'These girls are so lucky', to be recognized by other bloggers, I got an award a couple weeks before from Arianne and was so over the moon for a long time after! And then as I was reading I yelped, there was my name! And thank you again, Lisahh-Jayne!! :)

There is four rules and that's all:
1) Link to the person who awarded you.
2) Answer the questions.
3) Share seven facts about yourself.
3) Tag 10 Bloggers.


What is your favourite colour? Hot Pink or Turquoise.
Whats your favourite song? Ohh I have to many! In the weekend thats in it, I'd have to say Valerie.
What is your favourite desert? Mine and my boyfriends Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ben and Jerrys Half Baked Icecream.
Whats pissing you off? Hurling season being over until January!
When you're upset you... watch a movie, talk to the boyfriend and eat!        

Black OR white? Lifewise - White, black can be a bit dark. House of night-wise - black 'duhhh', white = no no. Clotheswise - black, white is to angel looking for me!

Biggest fear? Losing the closest people to me!
Your best feature? My big pudgy cheeks. Jokes, he just loves them though! I suppose my eyes, lots of people say that. 
Everyday attitude.. Don't let anyone put you down. Do what you believe in. And Everything happens for a reason!                  
What is perfection? Being you. They say no-one is perfect, be you and your perfect. I have beliefs alot of people may disagree with (as everyone has different beliefs). Sometimes I believe we were put on this earth and our every single move is set out for an eternity. Other days I believe we were given tasks. So therefore everything happens for a reason! And If we were created to be who we are, whether we've a bad personality, a good one, we've a criminal record or not - If you be who you are, you're perfect.
Guilty pleasure.. treating my sweet tooth to.. well something sweet!

My Seven facts are:
1) I grew up in a house of boys - four brothers! I love each and all of these lads so much. Three older, one younger! Up until a couple of months ago, we all went about our own business separately, now each day the two still left living at home I was never quiet close to and am getting closer to all the time! And the two moved away I was very close to! Of the four brothers I have they are all very successful in what they do and I am super proud.
2) My favourite people in the world are my boyfriend and my Grandmother! I would do anything for either of these.
3) I have no time for liars.
4) I volunteer in a charity shop and in a drop in center helping the mental health needs in young people!
5) I am unhealthily in love with all things MAC - Apple MAC and MAC Makeup! :)
6) And Disney Pixar movies!
7) I want a Bichon Frise so much. I want to name it MACK - after Apple MAC and MACosmetics, but after MACK from Disney Cars because he's so big and my  doggy would be so little!! :)

I tag:
1) Sophie
2) Ellis
4) Rachel
6) Hannah
7) Laura
9) Lauren
10) Ciara


Thanks, Aislinn

Saturday 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse

R.I.P Amy Winehouse
14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011
Hope the 27 Club is worth it.

Success: Amy performed via video link at the Grammy Awards in 2008 after winning five awards
After winning 5 grammys back in 2008.

Her signiture Tats and winged black eyeliner.


So many people to blame, but I won't.
Not today.

Drugs and cocktails of drink kill kids..
whether you want to die or not.

Friday 22 July 2011

EllyBellyBaybee Giveaway

Elly Belly Baybee is having a giveaway of a NAKED Palette!!
She's a stunning blogger, with an amazing blog!
So give her a follow even if you have a NAKED Palette! :)
I really want a NAKED Palette, but at the moment €40 is a lot to part with for me!
And I'm dying to try it.
So fingers crossed Random.org will chose me!! :)

All images are from ellybellybaybee.blogspot.com

Thanks, Aislinn

Thursday 14 July 2011

Collective Haul

Sorry I've been away for so long!
This is a bit of a months hauls. Even though some items I've mentioned many many times here! :)
I'm not going to do swatches of any products but if you want to see a top on, or see a lipstick on, by all means don't hesitate to ask, if you'd like a review on any product, or swatches I'll do them! Just comment below, email (abarrymakeup@gmail.com) or Tweet me (@ABarryMakeup)

I've been bold this month and spent alot!!! I don't even remember what I bought! This is all I remember but there was ALOT more!!

I bought a tiny amount of clothes and a weensy amount of accessories, so here's my clothes:

First off I was at the River Island sale and I got this top. I plan on wearing it with a pencil skirt of some sort. I just thought it was sooo cute and it was a steal, it was €27, reduced to €12.

Then going back a month ago I was in New Look at the sale and got this fabby dress which I am in  love with! It's perfect for summer, and again this was only €12.
To match I got these beautiful wedges in Penneys (Primark). They have browny, dark greyish ones as well and I want to get them too! I got these for €23.

I got some leather jackets in Penneys (Primark) too on sale, Ohh me I'm such a bargain hunter. I got a grey one and a black one. They were down from €23 each to €9.

And here is my Accessories and Nail Polishes.

Now onto my little tiny bit of Topshop accessories shopping in the sale, I love all these, and they were all so cheap. I'm super happy, I was over the moon about the Leaf Necklace because I wanted it before the sale, and was going to buy it about two weeks ago but I don't know why I waited, but I did and it was a bargain from €18.50 before the sale, down to €4.50. Then I got two rings, the first is this cool deer one and it was €8.50 down to the most bargain able price of €1.50. As well as that I got this really classy ring that was €10.50 reduced to €1.50.

I got two Nail Polishes by OPI as well in a little set! I got OPI Ink and You Don't Know Jacques. Both of these I absolutely love! OPI Ink on my toesies, and You Don't Know Jacques on my fingers, is my Summer colours at the moment!

Next is my prized possession, MAKE-UP!!!

Half way through June, I went to Boots, I wanted to get the almighty Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and they had 3 for 2 so I bought 2 mascaras as well - Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies, I heard so much about so snatched it up! And then I got Maybelline Volum' Express One-by-One, I hadn't heard much but figured it was the new mascara! I am in love with this, I can't rave enough about it! I got some TRESemm√© Dry Shampoo last week, which I am deeply in love with!!!

Next I was in MAC, I got alot here! Spent a small fortune!
I got Eight Lipsticks, Six Eye shadows, Two Blushes, A Paint pot and A Gel Eyeliner.

And included is that is a giveaway I won, I'll start off with that, I won a DGS Beauty Giveaway. Unbelievably shocked! I won a Lipstick, a Blush and a Fluidline (Gel Eye Liner). The Lipstick is from the Viva Glam range in Viva Glam V, which I seriously am loving now because of this. The Blush is Fleur Power, which is a a beautiful pinkish coral. And the Fluidline is in Blacktrack, which is a must have by all beautylovers! Believe it or not, I contemplated buying all these in the past month, lucky I waited, I don't know why I did! I think I bought the Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner instead of the MAC one! These all arrived this week!

A month ago I bought a Lipstick, and two Eye Shadows. The lipstick is Saint Germain, which I've been lusting after for months now. The two eye shadows were Swiss Chocolate and Handwritten. The MUA who did my makeup used both of these with Cranberry, which I own, to create a smokey eye with a sort of red tint through it!

A few days after I went back and I got Two Eye Shadows in Woodwinked, Naked Lunch, A blush in Dollymix and A Bronzer from the Surf Baby Collection in Pressed Powder.

Another few bold days later, I was in town, and I've been to MAC everyday that I've been in town in the past four months! Well on this day I bought Ruby Woo Lipstick, And Two Eye Shadows in Prussian and Aquadisiac!

I wanted a Lipstick from the Surf Baby Collection before it came out, then not so much, now I'm kicking myself I didn't get Hibiscus because when I wanted it, it was out of stock.. But don't worry about me, they got it back online so I ordered it of MAC UK and it should be here next week! Seeing as I couldn't get that, when I was in MAC I swatched Mocha from the same collection. Mocha has to be the most Amazing Lips but Better colour. I was also given some MAC Face Charts because I plan on Making a Face Chart book.

Seeing as I missed Hibiscus, I was making sure I wasn't missing Ever Hip from Fashion Flower Collection, which I had been eyeing up since the collection was announced, and it had gotten the same ravings and everyone wanted it like Hibiscus had, so I was preparing not to miss it! So I snatched it up straight away, I got Gem of Roses from the Semi Precious Collection as well!

I got Vegas Volt from Back to MACing six empty containers; three foundations, a powder, a blus and a mascara. Adding my lipsticks up to Eight from this haul.

Then the day before yesterday I went in and bought Painterly Paintpot.

All pictures are my own.

Have you being buying? What do you think of these purchases?

Thanks, Aislinn