Thursday 30 June 2011

Top 10 Award

Wow, I'd like to thank my Mom and my Dad, all those who've been there for me. Lol I think this is the wrong time for a Oscar winning acceptance speech, for winning a Oscar! But I would like to thank all of ye in the Blogging World :) Most importantly Arianne for giving me this award, it's so appreciated :)  

There is three rules and that's all:
1) Link to the person who awarded you.
2) Your top ten favourite products.
3) Tag 10 Bloggers.

My ten most reached for products.. Oh wow that's a hard one! I'll start with:

These are the most amazing convenient thing! I'm going to do a post all about these babies, they are my favourite part of makeup. I love doing my eye shadow, all you can do with it is unbelievable!

HOLY GRAIL RIGHT HERE! I can't rave enough about these! 
I don't know where to start, this changes a whole look, just a little blending! :O This is the most amazing life saver in the makeup world :)

This mascara makes your lashes look like there the sexiest lashes in the world. Your lashes do not clump as it has a amazing clump free brush because the Lash Catcher Brush has three bristles for every lashes, catching each one.

5) MAC Lipstick in Saint Germain -
I've been after this for so long but was skeptical because I have Viva Glam Gaga I and I thought it would be very similar to Saint Germain, which is a bubblegum pink colour! I can't get enough of this colour, honestly it makes your face so bright and happy, I am going to get some more backups next week because I just love it and people say it is very hard to get your hands on as it is always out of stock.

6) Surf, Baby! Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder in Lush-Light Bronze. It is limited edition, but out at the moment! You can get it in the permanent line in Medium Deep, which is much the same but doesn't have the MACMACMACMACMAC!

7) Powder Blush in Dollymix -
I got this with my bronzer. It is the most beautiful hot pink colour! Just a dap of this on your cheeks and you be perfect! This blush is going to last me a lifetime, but I'm quiet happy about that :)

8) Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner -
Wow how much do i love this? A whole lot. I wanted a non-pencil liner for so long! I've tried Liquid liners, Felt tip liners and I just lost the want for a liquid or gel liner, I stopped applying liner to my lashline and just gave up, little bit with my pencil on my water line and that was it. Until I found this! It is so easily controlled, and so easy to apply to the waterline, which I was abit weary about at the start but got over that and love it.

9) OPI -
There is to many blogs out there to even start! Most amazing nail polish I've ever used! Love the colour pay off of these, I don't find that they chip. Some people have that problem, but not me! Love this brand! Colour range is incredible! I will be using OPI for a long time and the collections are so exciting!
10) Pandora -
My pandora bracelet, I love it. I got it as a gift recently and I wear it all the time. At the moment I only have two charms and I will get more! Every charm I think should have a significance to you and the people around you. It makes it so much more meaningful :)

Wow, all that choosing was so hard, but this is going to be even harder, to tag blogs I love, seeing as this is my first award, I will tag these beautiful ladies:
1) JC - (Post coming up about her giveaway)
2) D.Sadie - (Check out my post about her giveaway)
3) Siobhán
4) Sinead
5) Adrienne
6) Bri
7) Simone
8) Carla
9) Sarah
10) Billie

All pictures I got of the official websites, MAC, Sigma, Maybelline and Pandora, except the Lipstick, Bronzer and Blush pictures, which are my own, and the OPI picture, which I got off Google Images


Thanks, Aislinn

Wednesday 29 June 2011


DGS Beauty is one the most prettyiest girls I've seen! And she lives in HAWAII AND SAN DIEGO!! How amazing is that! And she is so kind to do a 100 Followers MAC and Sigma GiveawayWith the most amazing prizes!
Here they are:
My Holy Grail Blender Brush - Sigma E25 in travel size, perfect for summer!

And THREE MAC Products - How kind is that? There: 
Fluidline in Blacktrack
Lipstick in Viva Glam V
Powder Blush in Fleur Power

Ends Tomorrow, 30th of June! :)

All pictures I got off DGS Giveaway post.


Thanks, Aislinn

Monday 27 June 2011

Boudoir Privé

Like Glossybox, Birchbox, the newest member to the product sample box things is The Beauty Box by Boudoir Privé, the site is not properly live yet, but if you  click here and then type your email address, it will email you when it will be live, the site is going live mid-July! There is a limited amount of boxes being made for August, which will be the first box! So first come, first serve once the site does go live! So click the link here and sign up ASAP :) The concept is to give women (and men) chances to try makeup, skincare and beauty products before buying, each month a box is sent out with six deluxe size samples of luxury products to try out in the comfort of your own home. The products are all luxury, and these luxurious products, some you may have heard of, some you may know and love, others you may never have even heard of. The website looks so delicate and ladylike aswell, it's gotten me so excited and the boxes are soo adorable too.. It is £10 a month for a box. Each month the products change so the surprise is exciting and anxious women (and men) will be waiting for there little beauty to arrive. You will be able to get products in return for feedback or you can buy the products from the box to in the full version every month, in the E-Shop. Sounds so great, seeing as there is so many hair and makeup products out there. I find it very hard to decide what to invest in and the idea of trying before buying is really exciting. 

So CLICK HERE for your monthly present and enter your email, its that easy :O 

These are not affiliated links. I am not getting compensated by Boudoir Privé or anyone else. I just loved this concept of the boxes so much, I have nothing to do with Boudoir Privé only for I've spoken to  Jennifer the PR and I thought I'd just like to share these gems with all of you :)


Thanks, Aislinn

Friday 24 June 2011

Review: MAC Ruby Woo lipstick

I have so many backups of this one lipstick and this lipstick being... Ruby Woo. I love it so much and I'm always afraid it could be discontinued so I decided to announce my love for this it. It is the most beautiful red. Ruby Woo is a very vibrant matte red. The lipstick is really dramatic, perfect with very natural makeup, it really changes an outfit! I'm an NW20 and the blu-ish undertones really stands out! Alot of people say it is drying, I personally don't think so. I love it because it is uber matte. I must say it is definitely not a "one swipe and you're done" lipstick unlike a light pink like Viva Glam Gaga or Saint Germain. The only con I have for Ruby Woo is you need a steady hand, maybe a lip-liner and brush if you are struggling a little. It is the kind of colour seen in old movies! It is a real Marilyn Monroe lippy. It has such a velvety smooth application. Here is a link to Ruby Woo but the red shown on the site straight away is not Ruby Woo, it is MAC Red so you have to click the scroll down bar and type in Ruby Woo or manually look for it.

All pictures are my own, except the top one, which is from the MAC website.


Thanks, Aislinn

Saturday 18 June 2011

MAC makeup and Sigma brushes help

Hello Everyone :) I was in need to get some new makeup so I decided I'd get my makeup done in MAC because the redeemable on product offer. My makeup turned out beautiful, I got a brown with a red tint smokey eye. She used Swiss Chocolate, Handwritten and Cranberry and coincidentally I have a list of eyeshadows I have to get and Swiss Chocolate and Handwritten were on it and I own Cranberry so I got them two and Saint Germain, I've been lusting over this for months! She used Prolongwear foundation and a cremeblend blush which I have the name of somewhere, them three eyeshadows and it made the most beautiful dramatic smokey eye, and Angel lipstick, it was quiet subtle but still like really nice. I was truly pleased with them! I did another MAC binge and got Woodwinked, Naked Lunch, Dollymix blush and Surf Baby Pressed Powder on Wednesday aswell as two Maybelline Mascaras and gel eyeliner which I've been dying to try all and I picked up a few bits of clothes so a haul is in order during the week.

Next, I have some questions about Sigma brushes, I'm getting a new set during the week for myself and a close friend of mine and I need your help here is the page - here is a few brushes I'm looking to buy - Complete Kit with Brush Roll - Black or this 12 Brush Kit - Make Me Classy - Black It includes:
 Eyeliner - E05

Does anyone have experience with any of them brushes? Would you recommend them or not? I love the Blending - E25 - biggest lifesaver in the world, this brush is my holy grail. It has to be the most under-rated thing in the world. I can't stress how much of a difference this makes to your makeup.
This looks really cool aswell Dry'n Shape

Please if you have any Sigma brushes please tell me if you have any because I've only really looked at the ones in the brush roll. So please post in the comments if you recommend any and even if you don't have any, have a look on the website and tell me if you like any and think I should get them and do a review on them! I might even do a giveaway :) At the moment if you spend $30 there is a free gift, I think I'm going to get them soon so that offer will apply. And if you decide to get some after clicking my links and getting them brushes or just looking about the site and getting any of them please by all means tell me :)


Thanks, Aislinn

Friday 17 June 2011

Night on the town

Night on the town

Joyrich graphic tee
$48 -

Miss Selfridge high waisted skirt
£22 -

High heels
$1,095 -

Vintage bag
£3,120 -

Bow ring
$8 -

MAC 'False Lashes' Mascara
$18 -

MAC Lipstick
$15 -

MAC Nail Lacquer
$14 -

Thursday 16 June 2011

I've fallen in love with this website Pixie Boutique.
It's an online boutique that sells the most beautiful dresses, alot of very affordable celebrity styles. It is run by one woman called Lucy and she set it up in March. She hopes to start on jewelry, shoes and bags soon, which I'm super excited about!

White Lace Long Sleeve Mini Dress White Lace Long Sleeve Mini Dress - €25 (£22) 
Snake Print Long Summer Bandeau Maxi Dress Snake Print Long Summer Bandeau Maxi Dress - €25 (£22)
Cheryl Cole Style NTA Cut Out Bandage Black Dress  Cheryl Cole Style NTA Cut Out Bandage Black Dress - €22 (£20) (Read my blogpost creating this style here)

...And thats only some of them, check out the rest here.  Like honestly you can't go wrong, these are some of the most beautiful dresses I've seen, and the price is just utterly amazing! I keep changing my mind on which I want to get, there all just such dresses that you wish they sold everywhere, but they don't, these dresses are special. The sizing is Small/Medium - 8/10 and Medium/Large - 12/14. Which I think is quiet reasonable. They deliver worldwide and at the moment there is free shipping on offers over £60 to the UK, I will post a post when I decide which ones to get, eventually I will :)

These are not affiliated links. I am not getting compensated by or anyone else. I just loved this website so much, I have nothing to do with only for I've spoken to Lucy, the woman who runs it, she's customer service, she's really great and I thought I'd just like to share it with all of you :)


Thanks, Aislinn

Tuesday 14 June 2011

My 5 Makeup Must Haves

My 5 Makeup must haves.. Oh wow this is hard! I think I'll do 4 Face products.. and something else to switch it up :)

1. MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation - A setting powder and foundation in one. If used with foundation, it gives that extra coverage, if not used its still a foundation! After applying your makeup give a swipe of this with the puff sponge supplied, which I'm not really a fan off, I really think brushes are more easier and hygienic, plus the price works out alot better, seeing as you have to get a new sponge ever two weeks. I do love MAC Studio Fix Fluid though but just as a quick the powder is excellent as its a setting powder too, I would only rarely wear it on its own though.

2. MAC Powder Blush in Dollymix - such a beautiful blush, changes a look completely. I do love MAC Surf, Baby! Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder in Lush-Light Bronze, it is great too, even with this blush or not, and the design, LOVE! MACMACMACMACMACMAC!!

3. MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe - such an amazing frost Taupe eyeshadow colour, goes with Woodwinked, Sable, All that glitters, Tempting, Brule and even more! I really don't know why it took me so long to find it.

4. Maybelline One by One Mascara - Best Mascara Ever - I loved MAC Plush Lash and was always was faithful, but this Mascara, ohh wow! It's a complete lifesaver :O Doesn't clump at all.

5. Last but not least I'm going to do a.. *drumroll please*.. brush! The MAC 222 Blending Brush, but for a cheaper version the No7 Blending and Contouring Brush or Sigma Blending E25 is the brush for you. It is the best thing anyone can ever buy. Anyone! It is the most essential thing for the perfect smokey eye! 

And there my 5 makeup products I'd bring to an island incaese I'd be stranded. But I'm sure they'd have a drugstore or a MAC counter ;) WOW alot of my products are MAC, nearly all :O What are your 5 makeup must haves :) Please let me know, I'd love to know :)


Thanks, Aislinn

Monday 13 June 2011

Celebrity Look - Cheryl Tweedy

I've decided to start a post called Celebrity Look and decided to post pictures that inspire me to like that Celebrity - I've picked Cheryl Tweedy. She is so delicate - The outfit is a black Versace setting her back €2500. She was going to the National TV Awards 2011. It is such a beautiful and elegant dress - She really pulls it off, it is quiet long but with short heels she makes it look so adorable! I love the chunky buttons and the straps are just amazing :O
I have found some alternatives to this number -
for €70 on Lipsy - Candi loves Strapless Dress - This is beautiful but it is quiet short in comparison to Cheryls. 
or (pictured with model) for €40 on ASOS - Shift Dress With Cutout Sides - This is soo beautiful, it is short also but the price is quiet reasonable so it is a good choice :)

But after I found the exact same dress Cheryl wore and it's only.. a fraction of the price.. this fraction being 100th of the price :O €22  - Pixiebo - Cheryl Cole Style NTA Cutout Bandage Black Dress - It is such a bargain and you just can't leave it behind if you saw it in a shop :O

I love Cheryl because she is a real hardcore girl - She's being through alot and is always getting out on top - She's set up a clothing auction for charity -

If you have any idea's for next weeks post of your favorite celebrity, I have a cold at the moment and this is my first but maybe I could show you the pictures of the look of that celebrity I've created if you look :) Comment on if you would like me to recreate the looks fully down to shoes and accessories or just one or two items from the look like a dress or jeans :) And tell me if you want me to recreate it.


Thanks, Aislinn

Get to know me 33 Questions

So here's some question so you can get to know me, and the little thing that no-one says, well I don't know anyone that says this stuff, when you introduce yourself to them. - 'I'm Aislinn, and i think its cute when my man kisses me on the forehead and when we hold hands' or 'Aislinn here and if you haven't noticed I love making eye contact and I don't know would you notice but these shoes and earrings are killing me'. That would be kind of.. well lets get started:

Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? Yes of course it is :)
A big poofy dress or a short party dress? Short party dress.
Are diamonds a girl's best friend? Most definitely.
Is your hair up or down today? Down.
Do you straighten your hair? If it's straight well then yes.
Favorite mascara? MAC Plushlash and Maybelline Volum' Express One-by-One.
Do you get your nails done? I barely have nails but I think I will soon when they grow a bit more :)
Small or large purses? LARGE ALL THE WAY!
Jeans or sweats? Jeans on a normal day, sweats on a lazy day :)
Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable? All the time. But if it's cute I'll get used to it :)
Do you text message a lot? I do but I love phone calls.
Whats your favorite color? Ehh Pinkk!
Heels or flats? I love love loveee heels, but I usually wear just sandals or Converse during the day.
Would you ever leave the house without makeup on? Sometimes. I tend not to, it depends if I'm in a rush or not.
Walmart or Target? I live in Ireland.. awkward!
Do you think lip gloss is the best!? I don't really like it. Lipstick FTW!
Do you own any big sunglasses? Duhhhhh girls best friend :)
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Anywhere from 2.5 minutes to 2.5 hours.
Gold or silver? Silver :)
Do you like to wear dresses? They're my favorite.
In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy? Yessss.
Do you like to hold hands? Yeah, that's cute :)
What do you notice when you first meet a guy? Hair, Teeth and shoes. I know but I may notice it but personality wins it all.
Do you like making eye contact? I doooooo :)
Would you kill for chocolate? Awwwh haw :L
On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping? ALOT!
Do you yell a lot? Unfortunately. I kind of have a shouting voice.
Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work? *School. I have before, but I really enjoy dressing up.
Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? I don't think so no/
What makeup could you not live without? MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW20.
Do you fall in love easily? Nope not at all.
Do you have cramps? Occasionally yes :(
Do you think you have the bestest friend ever? Yep. I do I do I do :)

I tag all you beautiful, amazing people reading this post and repost it in comments - I want to get to know you :)

Thanks, Aislinn

MACsive haul! :O

My first blog, hmm so my first blog. I don't know where to start or what to even do :O I don't have anyone to write to.. YET
I am one of those lucky people who live in the city and in that city I have a MAC counter B-) So I'll start of with a MAC haul :) On Saturday I went to MAC and I bought quiet a few bits, some of these are repurchases, others not so much. I also bought some stuff from a blog sale and another from ebay :)

First off at my MAC counter, I got seven eyeshadows - Passionate, Swimming, Satin Taupe, Brule, Expensive Pink, Woodwinked and Sketch and a new eyeshadow palette :)
-Passionate is a beautiful pink colour.
It looks so dark but the coverage pay off is amazing.
-Swimming is a green shimmer, its a great summer colour, that's why I got it.
-Satin Taupe was just a must get for any neutral smokey eye lovers like me.
-Brule is a beautiful highlight colour, you can wear it on the lid if you want, or inner corner.
-Expensive pink, I just picked this randomly, I didn't mean to even get it, but best mistake I ever made.
-Woodwinked is ohh so amazing, like Satin Taupe it is just such  a great lid, crease, inner corner, outer corner, just all rounder great colour.
-Sketch (not pictured), wow were to start, amazing, amazing, AMAZING!

I got five lipsticks - Wonder Woman LE Spitfire, Girl about Town, Myth and Viva Glam Gaga. I got the Woman Woman LE Nail Lacquer in Spirit of Truth aswell for good measures! :) I also got on ebay - Jeanius LE Riveting Rose,
-Wonder Woman LE Spitfire is such a beautiful plum purple, great going out lippy.
-Girl about Town is pretty much the same, I got it as a dressing up special occasion lippy. BEST LIPSTICK EVER.
-Myth, love love LOVE!
-Viva Glam Gaga, I wear this almost everyday. Most amazing light pink colour.

-Jeanius LE Riveting Rose is like the other two but a lighter purple. I like to just wear this through the day but it is a night colour.

I got #36 Eyelashes, ohh wow these are soo dramatic and excellent for just a little up the amping. I bought a new Plushlash Plushblack mascara aswell, I've been using this mascara for nearly two years and I've been quiet faithful to it and Lingering Eyebrow pencil, it is a beautiful brown and its great for just lazy days. 

In the blogsale, I forgot who's blogsale. Oh yes I got Ricepaper eyeshadow in a pro pan, its a little bright for a highlight but makes an excellent highlight and an excellent all round eyshadow, Naked Paris lipstick, between Girl about Town and this I don't know which is best, this for day time and Girl about town night. but this lipstick is a must get. I love it sooo much and then Cranberry eyeshadow, this I didn't really like at first but I'm really getting to like it though I'm not a fan of the singles, even though I have a few.

Thank you for reading this. Means alot to me to see those little faces in the corner going so please follow me, would make my day :) and email me with any requests :)

Both pictures are my own.

Thanks, Aislinn