Tuesday 5 July 2011

Summer 2011 Trends - Colour Blocking


This is such a cool trend! I really am moving from my more comfortable brown neutrals to colour blocking! Three colours is particularly what your hoping for, you just don't want to to end up looking like a Rubik's Cube! :) Basically you have to throw everything you know from your styleguide out the window! If your a person who uses black as a safety colour, this may be a bit hard for you! Wear all those bold bright colours you thought you wouldn't get away with!

The Makeup part of it is crazy, I love it so much! Bright Yellows, Pinks, Greens and Blues. These are always colours I really just loved so much in the pans and I couldn't wear but now I finally can wear MAC Passionate and Freshwater (even together with Goldenrod, like how crazy is that) , rather then All That Glitters or Handwritten! I'm completely in love with this trend! :)

All pictures are from Google Images.

Have you colour blocked?

Thanks, Aislinn


  1. I love bright colors! Not sure I'd do crazy colors on my eyes esp coz I don't know how! :)


  2. Hey I really like your new layout. :) You go girl!

  3. @Arianne - It is hard to do :)

    @Kiki Banana - Thanks, Well i reallly like that you came on my page! You go Glen Coco :)

  4. Love this trend! I am a huge fan of bright colored makeup so this is fantastic~


  5. @Sidrah - Thanks so much, glad you like it! :)

    @Yami - Yeah I am too, and I am loving this trend so much! Thank you! :)


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